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Mafia Billiard Tricks

About the Game

Each member of the family will teach you skills on the pool table.
Accomplish them all to be able to climb up the ranks and beat the game.

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How to play Billiard Tricks?

Choose a Billiard lesson from the menu.
You must complete the lesson within the allotted shots.
The rank of the lessons will be determined by the number of shots, as shown on the top-right part of the game.


Move the mouse around to adjust your aim.
Click and drag the mouse back and forth to set the power of your shot. release the mouse to shoot.
If you want to cancel a shot, move the aim closer to the white cue ball and release the mouse.
You can also use the cue ball button at the upper corner of the screen to set the movement of your cue ball.

There are eight levels in the game - each represented by an intriguing character.
You must accomplish all the five required tasks given to you to be able to proceed with the Final Lesson.
Once the Final Lesson given by the current character is successfully done you will be able to proceed to the next level.

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