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Pool: 8 Ball Mania

About the Game

8 Ball Mania is a cool and relaxing game where you get to play against a friend or your computer.
Standard 8 ball rules apply.

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How to play Pool: 8 Ball Mania

First, choose between single player vs the computer or two players against each other.
Choose the game mode

The first player can drag the white cue ball with the mouse to anywhere within the allowed space.
Place the cue ball

Move the mouse around the table to set up your shot.
Once ready, click and drag your mouse to set up the power of your shot. Release to go.

You must pocket all the balls that you own (stripes or solid) to be able to finish up with the 8 ball.
The colors you own depend on the first ball that you or your opponent pots and they will be highlighted at the start of each of your turns.
The balls you own will be highlighted

If you pocket the black 8 ball before all the other balls were pocketed - you will lose the game.
If you pocket the white cue ball, the opponent will be able to place the cue ball anywhere within the allowed space when the next turn starts.
The first player to pocket all his balls and then the black 8 ball will win the game.

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