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9 Ball Pool

About the Game

The objective remains the same: pot the ball number 9 to win!
This game has smooth graphics and vibrant music that help you play your very best with each round.

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How to play 9 ball pool

Always aim for the lowest numbered ball on the table.
The lowest numbered ball will be highlighted in the beginning of each turn.
Move the mouse around the table to adjust your aim.
Click and drag the mouse back and forth to set the power of your shot. Release to shoot.
9 ball pool

Your goal is to pocket the 9 ball in the fastest possible time.
Score as many points as possible before the time runs out.
Potting the lowest ball will award 1000 points.
Potting any other ball is okay, but you will not get any points.

100 points are awarded for hitting the correct ball.
Another 100 points may be awarded for hitting the correct ball while hitting the table edge.
5000 points are awarded for clearing the an entire table.
You can always pause the game by clicking the appropriate button at the top right corner.
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