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8 Ball Pool

About the Game

Find out how good you are by trying out all the difficulty levels in 8 Ball Pool.
Let the colourful graphics and lively music inspire you to win every round!

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How to play 8 ball pool

In 8 Ball Pool you play against a computer opponent you choose.
The higher the difficulty, the more accurate the computer opponent will be.
8 Ball Pool

To perform a shot, move around the screen to set the direction. Drag the mouse back and forth to set up the power, release the mouse button once the desired power is set.
You can cancel the shot by moving the cue back to a zero power.
See the power gauge at the bottom of the screen to check the power of your strike.
You can adjust the movement of the cue ball using the cue ball button at the bottom of the screen.

You will have to clear out all solid or stripes balls depending on which one you or your opponent pockets first.
The first player to pocket the black 8 ball after clearing out all required balls wins.
Be careful not to pocket the black 8 ball before the other balls, or you will instantly lose the game.
8 Ball Pool

You can customize your avatar, the table color, and the cue stick through the options menu, available on the top of the game screen.

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