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Pool 8 Ball

About the Game

Enjoy a great round with a friend by going toe to toe on the table.
You can also try the Player vs Timer for a more challenging game.

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How to play Pool 8 Ball

Click and drag your mouse around the screen to set the direction of your shot.
Check the POWER BAR at the left of the screen to see the strength of your shot, release your finger once it has the right amount of power.
Pool 8 ball

In Player Vs Timer, you need to pocket all the balls then target the black 8 ball last to win the game, you must accomplish this before time runs out.
You will lose the game if you pocket the black 8 ball prematurely.

In Player Vs Player, the first player must pocket all the solid color balls while the second targets all the striped ones. Once the required balls are dropped, the 8 ball can then be targeted (again, player loses the game if he or she pockets the 8 ball prematurely).
Click the PAUSE button to stop the game, adjust the settings or return to the menu.

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